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Shay Phillips-LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and believe in the inherent good of people and that we can achieve and overcome all things created and kept by our thoughts. I believe that our thoughts create our reality and in order to change our life experiences, we need to examine and change the thoughts that keep us stuck. My ideal client would be a person who is motivated to help their own self and willing to heal in mind, body and spirit.

As an LCSW, I will assist you with insight that will allow you to have different ways of looking at situations in order to cope better with life challenges. I believe in self-determination (your will to make choices for own self), I will encourage self-awareness & consciousness as we reflect together on current experiences.

I find it very helpful to apply spiritual meaning to the events we encounter in life. Spiritual meaning recognizing the spirit within. Often Spirituality is confused with religion, but to me Spirit is who we are. Spiritual awareness can encourage healing and help us deal with life issues we encounter.

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